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Easy-to-use tools to help communicators plan and measure the effectiveness
of their work, and compare themselves against other organizations

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With the tools in CommToolbox, you can measure the effectiveness of your communication messages and media (print or electronic), conduct a benchmarking study,  draft a strategic plan, and much more, right from your computer.
Strategic Planning Guide  creates a first draft of an internal communication plan based on the way you respond to a list of questions about your current communication program and your organization's culture. Try Our Demo
Benchmarking Database  allows you to benchmark for staffing, budgets, responsibilities and best practices for internal communication. Try Our Demo FREE TRIAL
Editor's Toolbox allows you to do a content analysis and a Starch Test for aided and unaided recall of messages, as well as assessment of which editing and graphic techniques are enhancing readership.  Try Our Demo FREE TRIAL

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